Meet Nafisa

Hey there! I'M Nafisa 

I’m a multi-passionate being, content creator, entrepreneur and tech advocate, sharing the art of being novel in securing your life, business well-being and evolving in Tech.

Here, you can find practical content to help you become your novel self and secure your life with colour and style.

Every content here, would nurture you both mind, soul, become inspired and empowered to take action.

I'm a small girl with a big dream who is on a path to securing her life and decided to share what she had learned along the way. Novellisteer is a space where I share content on growth, Improvement + security.

How Novellisteer started ?


There was never a plan for novellisteer, my first step into social media was in 2018 and that lead me to exploring the world of books and drama, cause that what I love and could talk about all day or so I think, after a while of been there; something just keep holding me back and for a while I thought it was cause of my location or cause I fall out of love with book.

I took a very long break to search for the reason why until 2019, that I was determined to make it work in the book world, along the way I realized that the drama and process that goes on in book land is not for me.

Yes I still talk about book yet am not totally in the book land and in 2020, a lot really happen from covid, asuu to me hating myself again after finding her for the million times.

2019 to 2020, see me contemplating changing the name, deleting my presence, just accepting that that dream life is not for me and I got tired, but you know what the idea that I have to depend on others life path for me, the idea that I never would have the freedom to express myself and the idea that other would have power over me pull me out of that decision.

You know, what surprising is that I read all this blog, resources, books and watch those videos on how to go after the life you wanted, I found out that I couldn’t relate to all those experience they were having.

It was like I was stuck with no one to find me in the middle of this great strategy yet they seem so far away no matter how close I am to achieving something, It really sucked. But I knew I couldn’t settle.


During the third quarter of 2020, for the zillion time of reflection and soul seeking, an awakening occur in me to actually give novellisteer a try, I wrote and wrote about my goal, vision, challenge and fear if I take this step, I finally came to the conclusion after 3 months that this is what I want to achieve and build.

I decided to share my journey as I work on this thing called life, not when I had achieve that life security I dreamt of.

For me novellisteer is not just a brand but a place to share all the knowledge and thought that sprout from this lonely and beautiful journey.


I’m a blogger, podcaster, content strategist, educator, infosec student, cyber criminologist wannabe and entrepreneur, but I also have an affinity for photography, pop culture, book, learning and so much more, all this took me a long time to find my focus.

Everybody keeps telling me to pick one thing, that I am passionate about and choose the rest as a side hobby after I have secure my life, but I couldn’t do that cause

Everything I do define me and make me who I am.

But here’s the thing, having multiple ideas you want to execute can be draining and feel like you are not accomplishing anything, there are days you would feel like giving in to what society are saying and days you would realize that the more things you love doing the richer and more unique you will be.

What does all this have to do with you?

I’m pretty sure we have something in common and my goal is that you would be able to find this space resourceful, being novel and secure your dream life! ♥︎

Remember, all your passions can be part of you, you don’t have to know everything or make huge changes to start. you just need to pick one thing to focus on when you’re first starting out and already have: a little bit of time, a healthy amount of willingness to learn and try out new things, plenty of patience and determination.

Pretty please,do have a look around and remember it usually the little things that count.