Welcome to Novellisteer!

Through Novellisteer, I will be sharing everything am learning in securing my life


Novellisteer is a self-improvement and growth journey that I really want to happen and taking the first step is exciting and scaring at the same time!

The exciting cause is putting this brand together as a blog and podcast this is making me feel like am getting that control of my life yet scared that along the line I would end up hating this.

Am no stranger to blogging nor writing but a stranger to sharing my insight and vulnerabilities on life, business and wellbeing.

I spent the better part of my twenties finding my self, trying not to lose her, yet I keep failing and finding her again and again, my thought, idea keep finding themselves hiding in my journal or head that.

Now, my life is so full of paper and brain of clutter, which lead me to the fear that no one would find out my thought, this is one of the first of many step to sharing moi and stop being an information hoarder.


Cause I believe that someone out there ( could be you or someone else) is waiting for me to upload and share my brain content willingly, through the year.

I had learned that sharing is another form of growth to self and that am over hiding thing, keeping myself from sharing, over keeping my mouth shut cause close mouth don’t get heard.

Am going to so much share what I know, which might probably scare my brain from the content I had kept in her, am over crying daily cause am tired of learning and finding out that there is still much more I needed to learn, am going to share the aspect of my life, business, well-being and tech cause I believe it going to make a difference to you and me.

What is Novellisteer?

Novellisteer is a Nigerian brand launched in 2021, that share the high and low of being novel in securing your life, business, well-being and evolving in tech.

Novellisteer is a space for the novel, who are different yet don’t know how, a place for those that want to secure their life, well-being business and career, a place for those who are not average but odd, a place for those who get bored or with too many ideas wanting to burst out, a place for those who want to fight and believe in their ambition.

Everyone is weird, you are just weird then the next being is one motto that had live rent-free in my brain and I want you to hold that thought in your brain also.

Too lazy to remember

As someone who is obsessed with learning in an unhealthy way, I want to share with you all that I had learned, more those that keep me in tune with myself, that allows me to ask all the right questions and sometimes the wrong ones.

Through Novellisteer, I will be sharing everything am learning in securing my life, business well-being and growing in Tech covering topics in living, entertainment, growth, tech, wellbeing, book talk, drama talk, creativity, business and any topic I found love in.

Novellisteer aim is to create amazing content that allows you to take action, find joy and encourages conversations.

To you! for taking this step, I see you and we are in this together.

Start Taking Action


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